My goal is to create a healing environment and prioritize your needs. I want YOU to have the tools to continue your own healing journey. 

Pre and Postnatal Wellness Consultation

  • 60-90 minute Initial Evaluation: $125
    • Postural assessment
    • Assessment of abdominal separation/strength
    • Pelvic floor education/activation assessment
    • Individualized exercise program
  • 60 minute one-on-one follow-up: $85
    • Review Home Exercise Program
    • Perform progression of exercise program with focus on form and correct muscle activation
    • Updated individualized exercise program 
  • 60 minute one-on-one Exercise Progression Program
    • Available after Initial Evaluation
    • Weekly or biweekly individualized exercise sessions given at a discounted rate
    • Contact me for pricing 
  • 60 minute small group (3-10 people): $120
  • 60 minute large group (Up to 20 people)$175 

Learn anatomy, function, and purpose of the pelvic floor muscles. Learn how to use your pelvic floor muscles correctly and start to activate your deep abdominal muscles correctly. Receive a full exercise program for you to perform independently in order to restore your pelvic floor and core.  Located at Theratique, in-home, or on-site. 

*Please contact me if you have a women's group who you think would benefit from a talk about general pelvic health. No fee necessary*  

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

  • Physiofit Physical Therapy

  • In-clinic Physical Therapy treatment
  • 4500 Magazine Street
  • New Orleans, LA 70115
  • Phone: 504-899-1437
  • Fax: 504-899-1439
  • Most Insurance carriers accepted. Call to schedule an appointment or ask questions. 

Private Yoga Session

  • 60 minute private yoga-based treatment: $65
  • 60 minute prenatal yoga-based treatment: $65
  • 90 minute yoga-based treatment: $100
  • 60 minute Concierge home based yoga treatment: $75
  • 90 minute Conscience home based yoga treatment: $120
  • *Contact me for group rates
  • *Contact me for package deals
  • *Contact me with questions!