Decreased breast and shoulder mobility after mastectomy and/or resultant reconstruction surgery can cause pain and discomfort. Skin thickening after radiation, decreased mobility of scar tissue, abnormal healing, and capsular contractions of implants can all cause shoulder and chest dysfunction. Decreased scapular strength and poor posture can lead to rotator cuff problems including tendonitis and impingement. Physical therapy will assist with increasing range of motion, strength, improving posture, and increasing neural mobility.  This will increase your quality and speed of recovery. 

Some symptoms experience after mastectomy and reconstruction surgery include:

  • Chest pain/tightness
  • Breast pain/tightness
  • Neck pain/stiffness
  • Decreased shoulder ROM
  • Upper extremity weakness
  • Upper extremity numbness/tingling
  • Low back pain/upper back pain
  • Abdominal pain due to scarring 

Contact me about how physical therapy can help you on your journey to complete recovery. Manual therapy and individualized range of motion exercises can help with the speed of your recovery and decreasing any discomfort during your healing time.